416 Wheels & Tires
2300 Dixie Rd - Mississauga ON, L4Y 1Z4
416 Wheels & Tires
2300 Dixie Rd - Mississauga ON, L4Y 1Z4

Locating your Vehicle's Tire Size

On the side of each tire you will find a group of letters and numbers that indicate the tire size. They often start with the letter 'P' followed by 3 numbers, a slash, 2 more numbers, an 'R', and then end in 2 numbers. After you locate this information write this entire sequence down to use for your search.

Using our Online Search Tools

After you locate the tire size, break the numbers into the groups displayed to the left and enter these into the 3 search boxes located on the search page.
Note: If your vehicle is a truck the tire size might begin with "LT" instead of 'P'. This indicates your truck requires a higher load tire. Look for these in our search results.
Unsure or Have Questions?
Please feel free to contact us at 416-677-4480
or submit a tire request online. here

About 416 Wheels & Tires

416 Wheels & Tires is a tire shop located at 2300 Dixie Road in Mississauga, ON. Our product line includes an assortment of top quality car and light truck tires and wheels. We provide professional mounting, balancing, tire rotation as well as storage for tires. We accept credit card or cash as forms of payment. Call us today at 647-228-1284.
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